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 We are not your typical Electrical, A/V, IT or security company.  We specialize in systems.

When it comes to home or business in todays society, we all need to know.  We need to know someone came home on time, employee XYZ opened the store on time, we need to know our WiFi is all running seamlessly on one network, our surveillance system is designed to the potential we require, our security is calling authorities when needed and for those few moments we get to sit, its nice to relax and listen to you music or stream your favorite show. 

That's what we specialize in, systems.  From wiring the electrical power needed to the devices connected,  to providing, connecting security devices, Network, WiFi, surveillance devices and programming them all, that's what we do.  So whether you have a second home on the lake, a business or simply want to be in the loop from you property, we can certainly help.

Most of our projects we wire all electrical needed, install and program WiFi Access points, creating a secure network,  install a smart security with some surveillance cameras, provide and install some level of audio, wire and install smart TV's.  We typically provide all equipment,  some with 3 year warranty.  While we are working on network system we run internet tests in the back round to verify there are not drops in network (in your home or business) or out of the network (from the street) to ensure your internet speeds are working correctly.  If you have slow internet speeds, this is how we can identify why.

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