Secure Innovation

The AdvaCon llc Difference


We are not your typical Electrical, A/V or security company.  We specialize in systems.


Smart Security:

Whether you would like to know who is home and when, or, who came into the office after hours last night. We have the system to communicate to your phone or computer. Receive text or email from virtually any of the sensors in your security system.  Not limited sensors like other companies, you have devices, you have sensors, we turn them all on for notifications, you can manage which one talk to you. 



From a simple motion detection camera that emails video clips to a fully robotic camera that can be programmed to follow movement from hundreds of feet away, we have the solutions.


WiFi / Internet

You have the typical issue with WiFi not working in your home or business?  Have to connect half your devices to extenders and the other half to the main router, yet still never have the band with?  We have the WiFi / Networking solution we all need, imagine, all one WiFi network, all devices on the same network, one router. Yeah, we can do that.


Audio Video:

We carry a line of products, multi-zone amplifiers, Speakers, Sonos and much more.  Whether you need a home theater design, a TV to rise from the base of your bed or a simple Music throughout your home or business, we can help.



Yes, we are licensed Electricians too!  You need power for all the systems and devices, you need wiring installed for all these devices.  We have the license and experience to perform all the above from beginning to end! 

Unless you would enjoy the typical process:  Call an electrician to run power, security and data cables for your alarm, network and Tv's, then call and AV company to connect the AV devices, a IT company to setup your network, a security company to connect security devices and when something is not quite running properly they all point the finger at each other and your left with a bunch of stuff that doesn't work. Solution: Just call us!, we provide the products with some extended warranties, wire, install and program!....Oh yeah, and show you how to use it all!

Yes, we can handle the basic electrical, lighting, outlets, switches etc.  We are also a Lutron dealer  and can design, provide and install Lutron RA2 systems along with Lutron shade design and install.